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T & M FENCE COMPANY, INC. - Celebrating our 37th year!

Established in 1973, Shreveport-based T & M FENCE COMPANY, INC. specializes in pre-purchase estimating, sales, installion and design of TOP-Quality Fence Systems. We also offer the MaxStop"Welded Wire High Security Fence".

Jerry Thomas, Owner - Under the Thomas family direction with Jerry Thomas being the primary force in the development and growth of the company sought to build one of the most respected companies in the industry. Under Mr. Thomas’ direction and vision the company moved to a game plan of service improvements in completion turn around time…from estimating, acceptances and installation completion. This speed in service with grade A professional installation prove to be a winning combination which caused the business to grow with a reputation of grade A work and competitive prices. The business experienced an annual growth rate of 25% to 30% over the next few years topping over $250,000.00 dollars annually. Still with a business make-up 80% to 90% of the business being residential. Mr. Thomas maintained his focus on continuing the residential side of the business but directed his attention to breaking into the commercial and industrial heavy grade fence installation. Breaking into the commercial and industrial side of the fence business proved to be a challenge with the market controlled by a small number of companies. Through contacts made over the years in the industry T & M received its opportunity with the City of Shreveport in installing fences on city property. Helping to establish the “The North Louisiana Chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors” brought attention to minority contractors like T & M and others while helping to create opportunities in the public and private segments. This effort and time period helped companies like T & M to get the needed opportunities to bid on larger projects…a launch T & M in a new market that grew the company. This new market helped Mr. Thomas to move the company to a business make-up of 95% commercial and industrial to 5% residential.

T & M Fence Company started thirty-seven (37) years ago installing residential fences primarily chain link fences in various sizes from four (4) feet to six (6) feet tall across the Shreveport/ Bossier area. Financing the company’s development from family and friends with the re-injection of income from sells to keep the company afloat. The challenge facing T & M was both competition and being African-American company that had to prove itself in the industry and community. The commitment to good service in the stability of the completed product help build the companies business through word of mouth by customers telling other customers of the superb work 100% of the business being residential. Establishing good suppliers who would trust T & M in allowing credit a number of years later after building a good relationship with two of the main fence suppliers in the area. Even now with growing pains from the new diversity of the make-up of the business being more commercial and industrial than residential. After several years T & M expanded their coverage area to include both parishes and outlining cities. Extending the coverage area increased the business ten fold and the company grew.

During this expansion and training period T & M added the installation of wood fence installation of various types of wood fences such as Cedar, Pine and the addition of installing larger fences ranging from eight (8) and ten (10) feet high. With these addition in products the business expanded through Mr. Thomas’ ability to be creative in the building special types of fence designs. The industry produces a number of different fence designs that take clear understanding of fence construction to install these specialties. This kind of expertise has propelled T & M to one of the top rated fence companies in the area.


 T & M Fence Company, INC.

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