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Commercial grade fence is typically a heavy-duty fence application designed for years of low-maintenance use. Commercial fencing protects property, warehouses and industrial buildings from intrusion and theft, and can also enhance the overall aesthetics of commercial buildings. Automatic security gates can be incorporated into commercial fence applications to provide additional security features.

Commercial Fencing runs the gamut in style specifications, and type of fence. Everything from 4’ high fall-protection fencing along retaining walls, to 8’ high 1” steel “Invincible” with curved pickets for ultimate security, to 10’ high chain link tennis court enclosures, 20’ high baseball backstops, and 30’ high warehouse fencing.

Cedar, PT Pine Shadowbox and privacy wood fence in 6’ and 8’ high is used for dumpster enclosures and fence to separate commercial property from residential property, like shopping centers and subdivisions. In commercial and industrial environments where security is a concern, heavy framework and fabric in either galvanized or vinyl coated chain link is available. Barbed wire and/or razor ribbon may be added as extra deterrents, while slats or windscreen may be added for additional privacy or screening.

Small or large projects are all within our scope of work. Anything from repairs and dumpster gates to churches, schools, post offices, warehouses and industrial complexes are all within our expertise. We specialize in dog kennels and day care centers, as well as baseball and soccer fields.

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